Project Hultanäs museum building

Museum building for showing rolling stock and Småland railway history

The purpose of the museum building is to:

  • Be able to preserve historical vehicles for the general public
  • Function as a visitor's attraction for tourism in the area, also outside of the regular summer season. The goal is for visitors to stay in the area a further night instead of passing through.
  • Function as a hub together with other stakeholders within cultural experiences, accommodation, enterprise etc. by attracting more visitors and offer collaborations together with e.g. train journeys/trolley cycling and displaying historical vehicles in the museum. 
  • Function as a natural extended part of the existing museum railway environment in Hultanäs built in the 1910s with a style recreated from the 1960s.
  • Showing Småland railway history in general with a focus on the various gauges used when Småland was industrialised at the end of the 19th century/beginning of 20th century.

The property is marked in a red shade. The imagined tracks are shown in orange, parking is shown in grey with a P. The existing tracks are marked in a light blue colour.

Swish your contribution to the museum building

The project is planned in three stages where each stage is a step towards a fully functioning museum building. Stage one is ground works that have been initiated, stage two is putting down railway tracks and stage three is construction of the building.

Evald Hammarström, project manager

The property is situated in Hultanäs on the south side of the railway, east of the main road. The property is planned to contain a museum that will house 300 metres of tracks under a roof and where we can store and display a large number of the rolling stock that has been preserved.

It is possible to register your interest now to help out or support the project. The ground work has been initiated and we are looking for funding for stage two and three of the project.

Support the project


Swish any amount to 123 369 92 12, with the note "museum building". You can also use the QR code above.


Transfer any amount to the association's bankgiro account number 373-8093.

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Ground work, autumn 2021

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