Ride a trolley from Hultsfred

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Dressinrastplats vid Hesjön

Cycle through a musical region

Hultsfred is to many known as the town of music thanks to the historic Hultsfred Festival which for several decades put its mark on the place. Now you can experience good food, shopping etc. before you pedal onto the narrow-gauge railway towards Målilla.

You cycle along the scenic Herrstorpet, In the first section the trolley route follows Stångådalsbanan with train traffic towards Kalmar and Linköping before we take a turn up through the forest.

About halfway we reach the first village, Ödhult. The station building here has been preserved and just north of the station there is a larger rest area with a wallball area for the children where you can have a coffee and take a break ahead of the second stage of the route.

From Ödhult you pedal on the last five kilometres to Målilla sanatorium. A kilometre from the final destination you will pass lake Hesjön. By the shore there is a larger rest area where you can have a coffee by one of the tables. There is also an outside lavatory should you need it.

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Half day(4 hours)
Adults (16 years and older)SEK 200
Children (7-16 years)SEK 100
Children (0-6 years)Free when accompanied by a parent

Whole day(8 hours)
Adults (16 years and older)SEK 400
Children (7-16 years)SEK 200
Children (0-6 years)Free when accompanied by a parent

Members of Föreningen Smalspåret Växjö-Västervik and shareholders of Smalspåret i Hultsfred AB get a 50% discount.

Good to know

In Hultsfred all trolleys are of the model with a chair on the side which seats up to two adults.

Hitta till startplatsen
Under 2023 startar dressinerna från Hultsfred station. Vägbeskrivning, följ länken https://goo.gl/maps/UZ2b8PNMTbQ2GyB19

Photo: Per Pixel / Olaf Lindström

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A few words from previous visitors:

Extremely nice trip, fun to try a trolley. Was a bit worried that we wouldn't fit. But me, the hubby, the dog and the picnic basket all fit on the same trolley no problems.


Cycling a trolley was a really pleasant experience. Each trolley has a side chair where a good friend can sit. Cycling to Hesjön takes about one hour. It is a sufficiently long distance. Hesjön is a wonderful place to swim and have a coffee stop by.


We offer several different trolley ride routes:

Hultsfred – Målilla

Cycle along lake Hulingen to experience passing through the pine forest before you reach the rest stop in Ödhult. From Ödhult the cycling continues towards the beautiful lake Hesjön where you can stop for a coffee break or a barbecue. The route is a maximum of 22 km.

Flaten – Gårdveda

Our newest route starting by the carefully recreated and renovated Flaten station. Peek into the waiting room before you set off north along a varied landscape with lakes, meadows and forests. The route is a maximum of 12 km .

Virserum – Åseda

Cycle from Virserums station and experience the historical grounds of the Dacke War as you pedal past old cultural landscapes and beautiful lakes. Do not miss the beautiful station environment in Virserum with a nostalgia kiosk, phone booth etc. The route is a maximum of 53 km.

Åseda – Virserum

The same route as Virserum to Åseda but starting in Åseda. Here you will find shops, cafés etc. so make sure to buy refreshments for the trip before you cycle up towards Hultanäs and then on towards Virserum. The route is a maximum of 53 km.

Karta Hultsfred - Målilla

Cycle a trolley on the route Hultsfred – Målilla:

A scenic experience that suits the whole family. In Björkudd just south of Hultsfred you will find our trolley cycling stop. There is car parking an a lavatory with disabled access.

The route from Hultsfred is the one that has been running the longest. There are lovely rest stops, beautiful nature and a route that is not too long for those who want to try cycling a trolley.

1 km: The first section from Hultsfred Björkudd is an open meadow. You pedal alongside Stångådalsbanan before the narrow-gauge railway turns off and goes up a hill to pass the other railway on a bridge.

5 km: After half the route you will reach the village of Ödhult. The goods trains used to meet here but now you will only meet other trolley cyclists who have perhaps stopped for a coffee or a barbecue by the rest area. For the younger cyclists there is also a fun wallball facility.

10 km: Hesjön is the beautiful gem on this route, here you cycle straight across the lake before you reach the rest area with the same name. If you need to there is access to an outside lavatory. There are also plenty of benches and places to stop and have a coffee before you pedal back or take on the last kilometre to Målilla.

11 km: Målilla sanatorium is a classic old building. Take the opportunity to go for a walk around the area and think about bygone days when it was functioing as a pulmonary tuberculosis hospital. Built in 1912 and inaugurated in 1915, at most it held 300 patients at the same time.

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