Ride a trolley from Virserum

Rotera telefonen! För att kunna använda vår bokning på små skärmar behöver du hålla telefonen i landskapsläge.

Cykla dressin förbi vackra sjöar och djupa skogar

Från Virserum trampar du dressinenhttps://smalsparet.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/image5.jpeg mot Åseda, som ligger 27 km söderut från Virserum. Det första man möts av är de vackra sjöarna som följer järnvägen under första halvmilen ner till Mosstorp station.

From Mosstorp you enter the deep Småland woods, far from the nearest motor road. Triabo is located half way and it also a popular rest stop with swings and benches etc.

The cycle route continues up towards the uplands and the station village Hultanäs. The station building has been renovated by the association and returned to its 50s design with the classic ticket office and post office boxes. Please have a look in through the waiting room door.

A short while after Hultanäs you will reach the highest point of the railway and find yourself 125 metres higher up than at the start in Virserum. This also means that you will pedal back home towards Virserum with ease as there is a light descending gradient large parts of the way home.

Cykla dressin från Virserum till Åseda

Opening hours

Mitten av juni till mitten av augusti, exakta datum är ej fastställda.


Half day (4 hours)För- och eftersäsongHögsäsong
Adults (16 years and older)200 kr250 kr
Children (7-16 years)100 kr125 kr
Children (0-6 years)Free when accompanied by a parentFree when accompanied by a parent

Whole day (8 hours)För- och eftersäsongHögsäsong
Adults (16 years and older)SEK 400500 kr
Children (7-16 years)SEK 200250 kr
Children (0-6 years)Free when accompanied by a parentFree when accompanied by a parent

Members of Föreningen Smalspåret Växjö-Västervik and shareholders of Smalspåret i Hultsfred AB get a 50% discount.

Good to know

In Virserum the trolleys that can be booked in advance are the model with a chair on the side which means that the trolley seats up to two adults.

Ladda bilen

I Virserum har vi en laddplats (3-fas 16A, 11kW). Platsen kan ej förbokas utan meddela vid ankomst så hjälper vi dig. I mån att platsen är ledig, Skylt om laddplats har ej kommit ännu. Priset är 3kr/kWh och betalas efter laddning.

Photo: Karin Trygg / Olaf Lindström

Har du frågor om att cykla dressin? Få svar på de vanligaste frågorna.

A few words from previous visitors:

Two well-preserved stations where the station area in Virserum with its old Pressbyrån kiosk stands out. It was also fun to see the old functional level crossing in Triabo.

No problems renting a trolley in the off-season. Good service.

Christer Nytén

Very beautiful and fun for the whole family.

Jocke Johansson

We offer several different trolley ride routes:

Hultsfred – Målilla

Cycle along lake Hulingen to experience passing through the pine forest before you reach the rest stop in Ödhult. From Ödhult the cycling continues towards the beautiful lake Hesjön where you can stop for a coffee break or a barbecue. The route is a maximum of 22 km.

Flaten – Gårdveda

Our newest route starting by the carefully recreated and renovated Flaten station. Peek into the waiting room before you set off north along a varied landscape with lakes, meadows and forests. The route is a maximum of 12 km .

Virserum – Åseda

Cycle from Virserums station and experience the historical grounds of the Dacke War as you pedal past old cultural landscapes and beautiful lakes. Do not miss the beautiful station environment in Virserum with a nostalgia kiosk, phone booth etc. The route is a maximum of 53 km.

Åseda – Virserum

The same route as Virserum to Åseda but starting in Åseda. Here you will find shops, cafés etc. so make sure to buy refreshments for the trip before you cycle up towards Hultanäs and then on towards Virserum. The route is a maximum of 53 km.

Karta Virserum-Åseda

Cycle a trolley between Virserum – Åseda:

The trolley is picked up from Virserum station which is very well-preserved in a 50s/60s design with an accompanying Pressbyrån kiosk, phone booth, lamp posts etc. Parking by the station.

3 km: Hjortöström, with remains of a mill ruin with a pond. Just after the stop there is a rest area with picnic tables. South of Hjortöstöm the railway follows the beautiful landscape along lake Hjortesjön and past the lineman’s cottage in Aggatorp.

5 km: Mosstorp station situated by lake Bridd. A very beautiful environment with a view over lake Bridd. A rest area can be found in the furter away section of the station area by the overpass.

9 km: you will pass the lineman’s cottage Holm which is one of the best preserved lineman’s cottages along the entire route.

10 km: Triabo. Här finns den största rastplatsen med fikabord, soptunna, gungorn för barnen m.m. Vägkorsningen är en av de äldst bevarade i landet.

15 km: The former lineman’s cottage in Häradskögle. Here is a basic rest area, please bring a blanket if you would like to sit on the grass.

17 km: The village of Hultanäs with an antique shop and rest area. The shop also sells ice-cream. The station building is again owned by the museum railway and has been restored to its 50s design.

21 km: The Sissehult stop is passed, the crest before is the highest point on the entire route and is about 250 metres above sea-level. A rise of 125 metres compared to Virserum.

26 km: We are getting close to Åseda. Once at the station you are at the centre of town with proximity to cafés, grocery stores and restaurants!

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